Free Brake Check, Vehicle Repairs and Car Engine Diagnostics in Morden

Free Brake Inspection:

Pulling, squeaking and grinding are signs that you need your brake system evaluated.


Get a brake service inspection if:


  • The brake pedal seems to be spongy or presses farther to the floor than usual
  • Your vehicle pulls to the right or left when you brake
  • Unusual noises or vibrations occur during braking



At TACENTRALAUTOS: We provide free brake inspection of the complete braking system and all its components in order to establish the cause of any problems. The aim is to provide the best possible advice to help you restore the condition and efficiency of your braking system to as near the manufacturer’s original specification as possible.


Time Duration: 30-45min


We are also Provide


  • Car Servicing
  • Commercial Vehicle Servicing
  • MOT
  • Oil Filter Changes
  • Brake Servicing Replacement
  • Clutch Servicing Replacement
  • Air Conditioning Re-Gas
  • Tyre Fitting
  • Fault Diagnostics